Balance (Multivitamin)
Balance (Multivitamin)

“I have been using this multivitamin for three weeks. It has absolutely changed my life”

Victoria M, Verified buyer

Balance (Multivitamin)

Our customer favourite - Balance (Multivitamin) - uniquely blends a variety of science-backed vitamins & minerals to support overall balance while promoting a restored and revitalised you.

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  • Our best selling formula for promoting overall balance and vitality
  • Uniquely blends natural ingredients for supporting healthy insulin & energy levels 
  • One deliciously-flavoured scoop of powder per day.
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Balance - the delicious and refreshing multivitamin that'll leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised! Perfect for those who are ready to kick-start their supplement routine, but don't know where to begin; but also for those who love a great-tasting beverage!

What sets Balance apart is its carefully crafted blend of vitamins and minerals, backed by science, and expertly formulated to help restore balance and normality within your body. Start taking control of your body, and feel your best with our most popular multivitamin.

Ingredients (per serve): Myo-inositol (3g), magnesium (300mg), l-glutamine (150mg), l-arginine (150mg), vitamin c (100mg), vitamin b6 (25mg), zinc (11mg), chromium (0.045mg), vitamin d (0.0024mg), coq10 (14mg), manganese (5mg), vitamin b2 (3.3mg), vitamin b3 (19mg), vitamin b5 (3.4mg), alpha-lipoic acid (1mg)

Note: Contains stevia and artificial flavouring.

  • Promotes Overall Health & Balance
  • Supports Energy Levels
  • Aids Cycle Regularity
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Safe whilst TTC
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Can Balance be taken with birth control?


Can I take this with Inositol as well?

Balance contains 3g Inositol per serve so it isn't really necessary to take additional. However for some people they feel it helps, so if you would like to add additional Inositol, please take Balance in the morning and then Inositol either mid afternoon or just before bed to space it out

Can I take this with my other multivitamin?

Please reach out to us or your pharmacist to ensure you aren't exceeding any daily limits.

Why do I feel unwell after starting Balance?

Due to the magnesium some may get a slight upset stomach. What we suggest to do is to cut down to ¼ measured teaspoon and slowly work your way up to the daily dosage as your body adjusts.

Mix 1 level measured teaspoon in one cup of water on an empty stomach in the morning

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Australia Australia


Been a few months love the taste of the pineapple one I find my acne not as bad I’ll keep taking it which I take a spoonful in water every morning before anything I do

Aleisha H.
Australia Australia

My first thing go to

I take balance first thing every morning and have done for at least a year now. Id love there to be different/no flavour options but is an absolute staple in my PCOS journey

Karen S.
Australia Australia


This is a great product and the name says it all. It does bring balance to your overall PCOS Well-being, moods, fatigue and sugar cravings is a thing of the past with this supplement.

DBF/Healthy PCOS Balance (PCOS Multivitamin) Review
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Looking good

I’ve been on inositol for like a year now, but I cannot guarantee that I’ve been taking this religiously. I will take it whenever I remember To take it.Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments about my skin saying that my skin looks much more clearer [note that, I’ve been struggling with acne] . As for other aspects, and I can say that I feel a little energized and not grumpy. However , For the hair growth ,[under my chin and on my upper lip] I haven’t seen much difference, I would love to see a project made that tackle all of the symptoms of PCOS if not most. Thank you so much.

marjorie a.
Canada Canada

Best purchase I ever made!!!

I’ve been struggling with irregular periods for my entire life. I’m 21 and I have periods that are from 45 to 79 days appart. I had a hard period of stress and skipped it for months. I bought the supplement because I was also tired of taking millions of pills every morning with the hope of getting regular periods( it also cost a lot of money).I took the balance supplement and for the first time in my life I had a normal period cycle of 29 days, with low pain and better energy. I’m definitely buying it again, but the 120 serving this time. I’m also a peaky eater, I HATE the taste of artificial flavour that companies put in their supplement, but I bought the raspberry flavour and it taste like raspberry lemonade, I’m in love. My doctor told me to take metformin and lose weight, but I’m gonna show her that I managed it myself. Weight lost is not the only option.

DBF/Healthy PCOS Balance (PCOS Multivitamin) Review

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